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Resource Specialist Program (RSP)

This program provides services for students who are assigned to regular classroom teachers for a majority of the school day.  Instruction or consultation is given by a specially credentialed teacher and an instructional aide.  Eligibility is determined by a site IEP team.  This program is available at all elementary sites and the high school.


Brigida Uto-Alternative Education, Campo

Christina Chovan-Campo

Cole McComber-Pine Valley

Darren Pyle - High School

Geri Bullock - Campo

Janis Reeder - High School

Jessica Bloom-Potrero 

Mario Carrillo - Descanso 

Matt Heinemann - Camp Lockett

Therese Blue - Clover Flat


Adult Transition Program (ATP)

The adult transition program is for students ages 18 - 22 who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and are involved in a Community Based Instruction Program. The adult students are supported by job coaches while working in the field.

Erin Rosa - Teacher

Traci Barnwell - Job Coach

 Theresa Deaett - Paraprofessional 

Speech and Language Program

The Speech and Language Program provides specialized instruction or consultation services for students with problems in articulation, and expressive and receptive language.

Kristen Heinemann

Occupational Therapy (OT)

A registered occupational therapist provides individual and group therapy for students who qualify as well as consultation services for staff and parents.

Ron Ennis

Audiological Services

Audiological Services provide monitoring of hearing aids and fitting of FM systems.  Routing hearing tests and monitoring of middle-ear functioning is provided for those who qualify or are referred by the IEP team.

Diedre D. Schloyer, Au.D.

CCC-A,AU 1793

Doctor of Audiology/Educational Audiologist 


Special Day Classes (SDC)

These classes provide the least restrictive educational environment for students who must spend most of the school day in a special learning environment because of the nature of their disability.  Instruction is provided by a specially credentialed teacher and an instructional aide.  Classes are located at the Campo Elementary School and at the high school.  Transportation services may be provided.  Placement eligibility is determined by the IEP team.


      Kerry Parsons – High School
      Christie Dougherty – Campo Elementary

Adapted Physical Education (APE)

The Adapted Physical Education Program provides small group instruction in the development of motor skills, physical fitness, and recreational interests to meet individual student needs.

Michael De Lamarter

Health Nursing Services

Nursing Services provides vision and hearing screening assessments. In addition, service may include the identification of health or physical conditions which interfere with a child’s learning and a referral for community health services is provided.

Maggie Doolittle

Transition Planning

Student age 16 and older must have a transition plan in the IEP and updated annually to include appropriate instruction in community experiences, the developement of employment and other post school objectives and, when appropriate, independent living skills and functional vocational evaluation.

Hearing Itinerant

The hearing itinerant program offers therapeutic or educational management of hearing- impaired students.  Consultation services are provided for educational staff and parents.  The East County Special Education Plan Area (SELPA) provides the Hearing Itinerant teacher for our district. 

Cristi Saylor

School Psychologists

Josie Munoz

Jeanette de la Rosa

(619) 473-8869


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