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about 1 year ago

Special Education and Student Support Services

Phone: (619) 473-8869   Fax: (619)  473-9562

         Student Support Services - Bill Dennett, ext. 1150

         Administrative Secretary - Jackie Bjornson, ext. 1112

         Workability1 Program  - Yennifer Shuster, ext. 1114

District Psychologists

Josie Munos

Jeanette de la Rosa         


High School (619) 473-8601

SDC/SH Teacher

Kerry Parsons, ext. 2229

RSP Teacher

Darren Pyle, ext. 2261

Janis Reeder, ext. 2212

Campo Elementary School (619) 478-5583

SDC/SH Teacher

Christie Dougherty, ext. 4420

RSP Teacher

Christina Chovan

Geri Bullock, ext. 4418 


Kristen Heinemann, ext. 4421

Camp Lockett Middle

RSP Teacher

Matt Heinemann

Clover Flat Elementary School (619) 766-4655

RSP Teacher

Therese Blue, ext. 5520

Descanso Elementary School (619) 445-2126

RSP Teacher

Mario Carrillo, ext. 6607


Pine Valley Middle School
Cole McComber, ext. 8806 
Potrero Elementary School (619) 478-5930

RSP Teacher

Jessica Bloom, ext. 9917

Alternative Education (619) 478-2735

RSP Teacher

Brigida Uto, ext. 3300

Transition Program


Erin Rosa -  ext. 8807

Theresa Deaett - Paraprofessional 

Tracy Barnwell - Job Coach

Occupational Therapy

Ron Ennis

(619) 990-9230

Adaptive Physical Education (619) 473-8869

Michael De Lamarter


about 1 year ago

Carole Dearman-Descanso

Cathi Jones-Campo

Debbie Schwab-MEHS

Elizabeth Chase-Descanso

Elizabeth Jacobo-Potrero 

Elizabeth Rodarte-MEHS

Erika Pinal-Vallecillo-Campo

Evaleen Hickman-Clover Flat

Jennifer Reed-MEHS

Johanna Ibarra-Campo

Julie Dutro-Campo

Julie Torres-Potrero

Karen Valdez-Campo

Kristen Heinemann-Campo

Linda Miller-Descanso

Lisa Murphy-Campo

Lupita Medrano-Campo

Maggie Nuñez-Potrero

Martha Traubel-Clover Flat

Maureen Marino-Pine Valley

Nevelyn Evans-MEHS

Norma Rodarte-Campo

Ona Rosario-Campo

Paige McAllister-Descanso

Ruby Siqueiros-Pine Valley

Sara Tovar-Campo

Sofia Martinez-Potrero

Susan Briel-MEHS

Teresa Gonzalez-Campo