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Board of Education

about 1 month ago

Members of the Board of Education are nominated by their communities and elected by the entire school district for a term of four years.

Board Responsibilities

Among its many responsibilities as the official governing body of the school district, the Board:

  • Hears the views of the public
  • Sets district policies and goals
  • Decides how to prioritize and spend the district's funds
  • Keeps in touch with other school boards and government bodies
  • Oversees employee relations
  • Approves contracts
  • Establishes curriculum and standards

Although each board member technically represents the entire school district, schools and members of the public in a particular Community commonly address issues to the board member nominated by that Community. Each board member is listed below along with their title and Community they were nominated to represent. However, you may contact any board member for any purpose.

Board Members

  • Ken Northcote - President
  • Beryl Buchanan - Vice President 
  • Chris Anderson - Clerk 
  • Tina Heimerdinger - Member 
  • Danny Nunez - Member 
  • Bill Troutt - Member 
  • Jeff Morrison - Member 

District Boundaries Map

For the District Boundaries, please see the following map. To see where an address falls on the map, simply type the address into the field on the top left.

Calendar of School Board Meetings 2018
All meetings will be held at Mountain Empire Unified School District Board Room.
Open session will begin at 6:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month unless as noted*:

January 16*
February 13 (2nd Interim, 1st Reading)
March 13 (2nd Interim, 2nd Reading)
April 17*
May 8
June 12
June 26* (Budget Adoption)
July 10
August 14 (Unaudited Actuals)
September 11
October 9
November 13 (1st Interim, 1st Reading)
December 11 (1st Interim, 2nd Reading; Organizational Meeting)